W4 Same Old Boardgames

W4 Same Old Boardgames thumbnail

Same old, same old! Let's be honest, boardgames and free pizza is life <3. Thank you to all that came! So many people and so many pizza. Let's not forget so many great photos as well. Here you go ;)....

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W3 Boardgames Night!!!!

W3 Boardgames Night!!!! thumbnail

Good boardgames night as usual! So many group games going tonight with plenty of victories and defeats :). Here are some photos:...

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Great Freelancer Tech Talk + FREE BBQ!

Great Freelancer Tech Talk + FREE BBQ! thumbnail

Thank you Freelancer for coming in and sharing with us how engineers face problems from a few different perspectives, wrapped up in an overview of scalable web engineering about all things called the internet. It was great talking to all the representatives that came and had a chat with us. Not forgetting the free BBQ Freelancer provided! Here...

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Security Workshop W3!

Security Workshop W3! thumbnail

Thank you to all that came along to our weekly security workshop to learn new concepts and techniques. A special thanks to Lina who ran a great workshop on reverse engineering! If you're a beginner, don't be shy and come to the next workshop! There are no prerequisites of knowledge, and we would love to meet you. Here...

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Freelancer FREE BBQ and Tech Talk!

Freelancer FREE BBQ and Tech Talk! thumbnail

There's this new thing called the internet. On this newfangled technology, Freelancer's marketplace connects millions of employers to freelancers across the globe, and every day thousands of jobs are described, bid on, negotiated, and managed through the site. A site like this with a high number of concurrent users poses many engineering challenges, and it is down to...

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