April Career Opportunities



Why Dropbox?

Why Dropbox? Dropbox is in a unique situation: we seek to delight over 300 million users across a range of products and have the infrastructure to store and process billions of files every day. We do this with only around 300 engineers. Every Dropbox software release improves millions of lives, and you'll find a high petabyte-to-engineer ratio here. We're all about shipping high-leverage projects, even if they're risky or novel. We care deeply about collaboration, feedback, and iteration. Trust and respect are deeply rooted in our engineering culture. We are looking for new grads, interns and PhDs, who are optimizing for learning, growth and impact and are interested in taking Dropbox even further.

For more information on these opportunities, please email Elaine. Please note, while our June-August 2015 intern session is at capacity, I would be happy to chat with you more about our fall and winter internship opportunities.

Learn more about Life inside Dropbox: http://bit.ly/lifeinside

Company values

Be worthy of trust
Sweat the details
Aim higher
We not I

Company values matter. They anchor us in tough situations and are surprisingly present in our day-to-day interactions. Also, find out what impactful leadership looks like at Dropbox.


Learn more about the new grads and interns starting their careers at Dropbox!

Eng University grads: Jessica Liu, Jacob Hurwitz, Anna and Nick Wu
Eng interns: Adam Faulkner, Chris Sauer, Mariam K.

Tech stack

A lot of Python, some Go, some C++ for our cross-platform libraries, Java for our Android apps, and Objective-C for our iOS apps. Tons of both product and infrastructure work across desktop, web, iOS, and Android.

Commonwealth Bank Expo

This expo is all about data and information!

There will be two Keynote presentations from Nick Love of Google & the CEO of Kaggle as well as other presenters.

We also have The Lounge Workshops in Level 6 covering topics like:

If that’s not enough we also have Interactive Booths where you can learn about:

Interested? SUITS has 4 spots available for our members on Wednesday (22nd April 9am-3pm)
If you're interested in attending then we'll need your name and contact details confirmed by end of this Monday (20/4)
You need to:

Send an email to [email protected] to reserve your place!


Accenture Technology Future Leaders Program is now taking Applications!

If you are completing full time study by mid-year or end of 2017, and you are studying an undergraduate/bachelor's degree or majors in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM), we invite you to apply to the Accenture Technology Future Leaders Program.

Once accepted, you'll:

Apply now at: http://www.accenture.com/grads
and discover how much greater your future can be.

Applications Close Friday 1st May 2015



Applications for Deloitte Australia’s Summer Vacation Program close next Sunday 19 April! Find your Fit at http://yourfuture.deloitte.com.au


We create market leading software that helps with life’s big decisions – from getting a mortgage approval to trading on the stock exchange. As an IRESS grad, you will play a big part in this – and we think that’s pretty exciting!

Our opportunities

We have 15 permanent opportunities for Software Engineers and Software Test Engineers. As an IRESS grad you will:

Work on a software solution with the team in Canada, contribute to a project in Singapore, join a Hackathon team in South Africa or chat with another grad in the UK. That’s a world of resources, knowledge and connections at your fingertips!

So, what’s it like at IRESS

It’s an exciting place to work. We like ideas, we like innovation and we love a technical challenge! Our team recently spent an intense 24 hours of global collaboration turning new ideas into reality (#iresshackathon).

We’re all about making a difference and having fun while we do it. Prepare for the weekend with a Friday afternoon beer and a chat with your colleagues, or join one of our clubs - the Burger Fridays or Cycling Clubs - to name a few.

With presence across five continents, the opportunities are endless…

For application details and to find out more about life at IRESS visit http://iress.com.au