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The hacker known as 'Alex' comes to USyd

The hacker known as 'Alex' comes to USyd thumbnail

A big thank you to the legendary hacker called 'Alex' who visited Sydney to deliver some really awesome talks and education about Social Engineering. One of the biggest highlights was his famed presentation on Operation Luigi. (That's 'Alex' on the left) Thank you everyone for coming and listening to his great talk - especially those who came from...

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StuVac, Exams & Holidays

Hi there everyone! Congratulations on surviving the 13 weeks of semester! Get some rest (and some revising done) over the next week and smash those exams! SUITS wishes you the best of luck and happy holidays!...

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Upgrading the Website

Hi visitor, This site is going under a revamp. We understand it may have bugs and incomplete pages We thank you for your patience :)...

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