SUITS runs a huge amount of events throughout the semester! Come along, have fun and meet new people! The majority of our events are FREE, be it free dinner or drinks, discounted prices for members only or free giveaways from our awesome sponsors.

Like our facebook page to get the most up to date information. We also have a Google calendar which you can add to your Google calendars or Desktop App so you can be in the loop of what’s happening.

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If you don’t have access, you can also join the mailing list and be updated on whats coming up. Otherwise if you do, sign-up at our join page. Its free and quick.

Suits Social

Weekly BBQs

Our most famous and most popular event! It is, well known we run THE BEST BBQ around! Come down to the SIT Lawns for a tasty, and cheap, lunch with friends.

Tech Talks

The new Spotlight Lecture Series, where will have guest speakers from our sponsor partners, School of IT Research and other companies who will come in to talk about particular technologies and practices in the real world of IT, with network opportunities afterward. See tech talks for details on how you can get involved.

Intro to Programming Tutorials

Wednesdays 4-6pm in Madsen 226

Check out our tutorials section for summaries on our weekly workshops

Weekly Programming Comp Training

Wednesdays 11am-1pm Link 222 North

See Prog Comp for more details on our weekly training!

Weekly Social Nights

Wednesdays 6-9pm SIT Boardroom

Every week, or there about, we hold a casual event for our members, usually with free drinks (Bar Tabs anyone?) and dinner involved! From Boardgames night, where our members bring along games they like to play through to Drink Nights at Hermans and Manning.

  • Boardgames & Poker Night: Usually every couple of weeks, SUITS will run a Boardgames themed night with everything from Mah-jong, Chess and poker throught too classics such as Settlers, Risk and Monopoly. Thai provided.
  • Drinks Night: Bar Tab Provided, SUITS members gather for night of witty conversations and great drinks at either Hermans or Manning.
  • Movie Nights: Free pizza, popcorn and a great time with friends. What more could you want?

See our Facebook page for more details

Event Ideas/Helping out

We would love for you to suggest ideas for events to us. To give you inspiration, we have listed a few ideas below:

  • Publicity Stunt (Free danish/coffee) Repeat
  • Filming
  • Trivia
  • Learn random skills (e.g. juggling, digital music)
  • Board and card games (how to play / play, e.g. Diplomacy, Go)

Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know!