First Year/International Meet & Greet

Still a bit unsure where everything is on campus? Haven't quite worked out where everyone seems to be getting those delicious wraps from or how everyone else seems to have a terminal with more colours than yours? Why don't these SUITS people ever wear suits? Who are these mysterious students that never seem to wear shoes, and what happens to them outside of the SIT Building?

All the questions will be answered (and more!) at this year's meet and greet, hosted by the Sydney University IT Society (SUITS). Open to all first years (and above), the meet and greet is a perfect opportunity for you to mingle with senior students, meet your lecturers and learn more about studying IT at Sydney University.

You don't have to be in your first year or be an international student or be studying IT to attend this event. It's open to everyone!

Free dinner (Pizza!) will be provided after formal introductions, followed by boardgames afterwards. It's an essential event for all students - hope to see you all there!

Don't forget - if you have fun meeting everyone, come along in week 3 to run for First Year or International rep in our General Meeting. Nominate yourself here:

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