Freelancer FREE BBQ and Tech Talk!

Freelancer FREE BBQ and Tech Talk! thumbnail

There's this new thing called the internet. On this newfangled technology, Freelancer's marketplace connects millions of employers to freelancers across the globe, and every day thousands of jobs are described, bid on, negotiated, and managed through the site. A site like this with a high number of concurrent users poses many engineering challenges, and it is down to...

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First Boardgames Night W2!

First Boardgames Night W2! thumbnail

Great to see everyone at the first SUITS boardgames night of semester 2! Wonderful to see so many new and old faces today. Hope you enjoyed the free pizza and fun boardgames! Now for the photos!...

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Making Art with Python - Tech Talk!

Making Art with Python - Tech Talk! thumbnail

If you have zero artistic talent, and a desire to subject the world to it then join me and together we can achieve our dreams. Using Python 3, Pillow and shapes/colours/emoji I'll show you the wonders of digital image creation. It will be presented by none other than Jackson Sommerich! Bring a laptop and an apathy...

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$2 BBQ is back!

$2 BBQ is back! thumbnail

There are going to be tender, succulent sausages cooked to perfection topped with crunchy lettuce, fresh tomato, caramelised onion and your choice of smoky BBQ, tangy mustard or classic tomato sauce. All this sitting perfectly atop a Wonderwhite bread roll. Also on offer are crunchy, golden hash browns, making it even more exciting than a Bunning's BBQ. Just...

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Meet & Greet Sem 2!

Meet & Greet Sem 2! thumbnail

Great to see all the people who came to our meet and greet event for Semester 2! Many people meet friends old and new! We enjoyed our traditional bingo followed with Family Feud Games! We can't forget the yummy pizza we had to kick off the semester along side some awesome board games. Here are some photos of...

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