Programming Competitions

SUITS hosts programming competition training sessions on Fridays (TBC). The training sessions are for anyone who would like to compete (even just for fun) in the ANZAC or ACM ICPC programming competitons.
We’ll be running short 2-hour contests each week, with a lot of guidance and help so that you can brush up your skills for the competition. Feel free to come along even if you’re totally new to programming competitions! There are always some easy problems so that you can get the hang of it, before moving onto the harder problems.

Both the competitions we compete in, the ANZAC league (running throughout the semester) and the ACM ICPC regionals (held in September) require teams of 3, and the official languages are C/C++/Java. If you’re looking to compete, you should try to get together with some teammates (perhaps someone you met at a training session), and also get very familiar with either C++ or Java. We’ll be teaching both at the training sessions. (However, if you don’t want to shoot for the prizes, then Python is accepted in the ANZAC league).

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].


The official calendar should always be checked.


The ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (or just ACM Programming Competition) is one of the worlds leading programming competitions between the universities of the world. University of Sydney, School of IT will host the Sydney regional finals, before the winning team is flown elsewhere in the world for the World Finals.

Teams are of 3 people, and the allowed languages are C/C++/Java. The ANZAC League (and the SUITS programming competition training session) follows the ACM ICPC format quite closely, and if you are thinking of competing in the ACM ICPC you should register to compete in the ANZAC League too.