Week 7 Tech Talk - Intro to LaTeX

Tech Talk

The Week 7 Tech Talk will be an introduction to LaTeX, presented by Mitchell Jones.

When: 1pm-2pm Thursday, 23 April 2015
Where: SIT Boardroom (124)

LaTeX is a typesetting system and content markup language. With no GUI interface, LaTeX lets you concentrate on the content while it does the rest. LaTeX allows you to have nicely formatted math equations, figures, tables, plots, custom drawings, algorithms, and code in your reports with little effort.

In this talk I will introduce the basics of LaTeX, and also discuss several of it's packages useful for students from a Computer Science perspective. I will be covering each of these packages in detail with code examples and output. (Feel free to bring a laptop and take notes!) In addition, a sample document is provided in the format of a typical assignment submission and a LaTeX template for you to get started immediately. You can checkout both the template and sample document (and source code) from this Google Drive Folder

To get the most out of the talk, it is recommended to look at the sample document's source code beforehand in order to get an understanding of how LaTeX works as a whole.

The slides from the talk can be found here.