Week 9 Tech Talk - Meteor: build amazing apps faster than you ever thought possible

Tech Talk

The Week 9 Tech Talk will be presented by Alec Posney.

When: 2pm-3pm Wednesday, 6 May 2015
Where: SIT Boardroom (124)

Have you ever wanted to build a web/mobile/desktop app but it was too complicated or you had no idea where to start? Meteor is the solution to your problems, fast, easy javascript app development. Come and found out more at the SIT Boardroom on Wednesday, 6 May at 2pm. You may have never touched javascript, or made any app before or you may be a pro and just want to see what the fuss is about, all are welcome. Please bring a laptop if you can, this will be an interactive tech talk.

If you get a chance try installing meteor before you get to the talk, just follow the instructions on https://www.meteor.com/install. Don't worry if you can't we will go through it in the talk.

The chat app that was demoed during the talk can be found here.